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The Directorate within the Ministry of Finance was originally formed as a sector in 2007., and later in 2014. it became the Directorate responsible for the indirect management of funds provided through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance - IPA, pursuant to the financial agreements signed by the Government of Montenegro and the European Commission financed under IPA. It is responsible for contracting, payment and implementation of programs and projects financed by European Union funds.

Directorate is composed of four divisions:

1. Contracting Division – in charge of the process of contract and project implementation;

2. Finance and Account Division – in charge of impelmentation of financial controls and financial reporting;

3. Quality Assurance Division – in charge of a quality control and horizontal questions of the Directorate;

4. First Level Control Division – in charge of dedicated expenditure of the EU assistance funds of the first level within trilateral and transnational programmes with Montenegro as participant.

As the Contracting Authority/Implementing Agency performs tasks related to:

 · implementation of public procurement procedures for projects under programmes financed from EU funds;

· preparing and concluding contracts with selected contractors/beneficiaries;

 · monitoring of implementation and preparation of amendments to the contracts;

 · implementing administrative and on-the-spot checks, aimed at reports' verification on implementation of the contracts, submitted by contractors/beneficiaries;

 · planning of needs for financial resources and preparing the budget plan of the Directorate;

 · financial management, control and accounting in connection with contracts financed by the EU funds

 · reporting on irregularities and potential risks and the implementation and monitoring of corrective measures.