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Reporting irregularity

The Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds takes care of respect and implementation of the EU rules, regulations and contract procedures which refer to services, supply, works, grants and twinning projects and accordingly takes care of efficient financial management and control of the EU financial assistance and its proper reporting.     

Irregularity is a distinctive (irregular) scenario, occasion, activity or act that wasn't completed in accordance with a legislation and prescribed quality throught the implementation process of the IPA activity. Irregularity represents any violation of EU regulation and/or law which may be the result of an act or omission by an entity (any natural or legal person or other entity taking part in the implementation of the EU assistance funds) which have or will have harmful influence on the EU Budget through unjustified payment of funds. All activities related to prevention, detection, control and sanction of the fraud and irregularities are established for the sake of: 

- protection of the financial interests of the EU;

- recovery and repayment of any amount wrongly paid as a result of an irregularity;

- prevention of similar irregularities;

- revision of systems and procedures to ensure such irregularities will not reoccur in the future;

- cooperation with the EC and (when relevant) with other countries, in order to identify and suppress cross border fraud.

Irregularities can be:

- Technical – the supply of material of a lower quality than that specified in the contract; 

- Contractual – in the case of incorrect application of the legal rules for a contract;

- Financial – fraudulent application or theft of funds, including corrupt practices;

- Administrative – non-compliance with applicable EC rules for the tendering and financing of projects;

- Intentional – the actions of any operator or any of the institutions involved in the process in order to enrich himself or any other person;

- Unintentional – caused by, in most cases, from infringement of approved procedures;

- With financial impact - irregularities which have already resulted in the payment of unjustified expenditure;

- Systemic – arises from a fundamental weakness in the systems;

- Specific – occurs throughout a specific project but not caused by weakness in the systems.

In the case of detection of the actual cases of fraud and/or other irregularities, all public servants and employees of the public sector are obliged to retain the original paper documentation which indicates any fraud and/or irregularities. They are obliged to notify the official in charge for irregularities within the CFCU by any means of communication: (personally, verbally or in written form, formally or informally and also anonymously).

All irregularities and fraud must be reported as well as the suspicion on them, regardless of the size of their impact.

Actual irregularity and/or fraud as well as the suspicion on them, should be reported to:

Vesna Pavlović

Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds (CFCU)

Stanka Dragojevica

81 000 Podgorica

Tel: + 382 (0) 20 230 657


Another way for someone to anonymously point out an irregularity and/or fraud is to contact European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).


Fax: +32-2-2960853