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If you are considering a certain idea for the project and the possibility of funding it from EU funds, or you have some capacities that you want to offer to potential stakeholders, we suggest that you first find the appropriate Call published on our website

Calls contain all the necessary information on who can apply, what activities can be implemented, what types of costs are eligible for funding within the project, etc. In addition to the above, along with the application requirements, all the conditions for selecting and implementing the project have been defined, so you can already find out which rules will be applicable throughout the project implementation, if your project idea is selected.

The Directorate for Financing and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds is one of the parties to the contract and is primarily responsible for the implementation of public procurement procedures, the conclusion and supervision of the implementation of the contract, as well as the financial control and execution of payments for all programs and projects financed from EU funds , where the Directorate is recognized as the Contracting Authority.

Once you find a tender whose funding priorities are in line with the objectives and mission of your project, it is important to review the tender documentation and the attached forms, and prepare a project proposal in accordance with the given instructions and set deadlines. When submitting the documentation, because of its scope, check once more that all the envisaged forms are adequately filled and whether the documentation is complete, to ensure that your proposal is not excluded for administrative / technical reasons.


Tender submission process for service contract

Tender submission process for service contract is open for all potential applicants/offerers which satisfy selection criteria announced in the Contract Notice and on the basis of submitted tender package to selected offerers depending on the type of tender procedure. There is 2 types of contracts of services:

Global price Service is paid on the basis of quality of submitted outputs – Finished product;

Fee Based Service is paid on the baisis of real spended time – accomplished tasks.

Here you can download form for preparation of tender documentation for this type of contract:

Tender submission process for supply contract

Tender submission process for supply contract is open for all potential offerers which satisfy selection criteria announced in the Contract Notice, respectively, minimal requirements listed in technical specification of goods which is contained in published tender package (Tender Dossier). Here you can download the form for preparation of tender documentation for this type of agreement:

Calls for proposals

The call for proposals is open for all potential applicants on the basis of application package which is posted on Europe Aid  and CFCU websites. Depending on the type of call for submitting of project proposals, applicants should submit project concept note, full application and following documentation for the check of acceptance in the same time (open call), respectively, the applicants should submit following documentation partially – in 3 phases (restricted call). Here you can download form for preparation of tender documentation for this type of agreement:

Types of processes implemented in public procurement

The base line for awarding contracts is to ensure the competitiveness of bids. In this way, the principles of assignment and obtaining adequate quality of service, goods or works at the best price are ensured. There are several types of public procurement procedures, each allowing a certain / different degree of competitiveness:

Open procedure

All interested applicants can submit the offer and for this procedure, maximum publicity is ensured. Tender is posted on EuropeAid and CFCU websites and on other relevant  media as well. Procedure can be international or local- depending on the amount of grant and territorial area on which announcement is spreaded.

Restricted procedure

Tender is open for all interested applicants, but only those who satisfy the selection criteria will be able to submit the offer. The procedure is taking place in 2 rounds. First round is the shortlist of 4 up to 8 candidates. Second round: selection of offers (Evaluation of tender).

Competitive-negotiated procedure

The contracting authority (CFCU) calls at least three candidates of their choice to submit an offer, preceded by relevant market research. The selection of the offer is done according to the principle of the best offer for the lowest price.

Negotiated procedure

In the case of particularly complex contracts, when the Contracting Authority considers that the best quality for the available funds can not be achieved by applying, neither an open nor a restricted procedure, a "negotiated procedure" can be used. However, this procedure is used in exceptional circumstances, and it is not common practice.

Single tender

Contracting authority (CFCU) can call one offerer by choice, preceded by relevant market research. Tender documentation for this type of procedure should not be published.

Framework contract

A Framework contract is an agreement concluded between one or more contracting authorities and one or more economic operators with a view to defining the conditions and rules on the basis of which specific contracts will be awarded over a period of time, in particular with regard to the duration of the contract, the object, the price , maximum value, implementation rules, predicted amount, etc.