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First level control

Within the instrument of pre-accession assistance for the period 2014-2020 (IPA II), respectively the sector of Regional and territorial cooperation, Montenegro takes part in 9 programmes of European territorial cooperation, in which the cooperation with one or more member countries of EU is accomplishing through 5 programmes. They are :

Trilateral programmes :

1. Interreg cross border cooperation IPA programme for Italy, Albania, and Montenegro

2.Interreg cross border cooperation IPA programme for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

Transnational programmes:

1. Interreg Vb Mediterranean programme for transnational cooperation (MED)

2. Interreg Vb Danube programme for transnational cooperation (DANUBE)

3. Interreg Adriatic – Ionian program ( ADRION).

The mentioned programmes are being implemented according to the principles of shared management, which means establishing of an appropriate system, within which countries, participants of the programme name the institutions that will be an integral part of the system and which will implement appropriate actions from their jurisdiction, in order to achieve successful functioning of each programme.

As a part of structural mechanism of shared management, each country, the participant of the programme is obliged to establish the system of management and control on the national level. Related to this, the Government of Montenegro named the Ministry of European affairs as a National body, responsible for the coordination of programmes on national level, as well as Ministry of finance, Directorate for finance and contracting of the EU assistance funds as a Control body, within which  the Office of the first level of control is formed, obliged to ensure proper spending of resources granted by the European Union on the national level. Office of the first level of control will check the eligibility of expenditures, reported from the beneficiaries from Montenegro, in order to reduce irregular spending of allocated resources. The Office will perform eligibility of reported expenditures,  according to the relevant EU, programme and national rules, and will issue the Certificate of eligibility of expenditures, on the basis of which, the refundation of consumed funds will be performed to the beneficiaries, in the maximum amount of 85% of reported expenditures.

Participating in the programmes of European-territorial cooperation, crossborder, regional and transnational cooperation between participating countries of each programme are being encouraged in order to accomplish clever and sustainable growth and development. The projects that will be realized under the above mentioned programmes of crossborder and transnational cooperation will contribute to better territorial, economic and institutional cooperation between participating countries and will encourage creating of new forms of integrations between them. Beside this, experience that Montenegrin institutions are getting through participation in the programmes of crossborder and transantional cooperation is extremely important for the future, regarding  regular spending of resources from the EU structural funds, which will be available to Montenegro after accessing the union.

More information about each programme you can find in the following links: