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Operational Programme “Human Resources Development 2012-2013“

The main objective of the OP HRD 2012-2013 is focused on promoting a sustainable human resources development by modernising and developing the educational, training and research system in Montenegro, in accordance with EU policies and standards, with particular focus on youth employability.

This overall objective can be split into three specific objectives of the programme, based on the priorities of their implementation:

·       Enhanced effectiveness of active employment policy measures aiming to improve access to employment and retaining employment;

·       Improve the education and research system with the aim to achieve its better connection with the economy;

·       Improve the acces to labour market for disadvanged groups by increasing employability.

The technical assistance priority which is one of the elements of the Operational Programme will assist in achieving the above-mentioned objectives.

Institutions which are involved in the realization of the Operational Programme are: Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Ministry of Finance.

Activities which are planned under this Programme will be implemented for the following beneficiaries and/or target groups such as: organisations of civil society, pupils, teachers, schools, unemployed and employed, social partners, the disabled, RAE people, professors, researchers, students, etc.

The initial value of the Operational Programme was circa 6,6 million euros (EU contribution was circa 5,6 milion euro and the national contribution was circa 1 million euro).

The present value of the Operational Programme is circa 5,8 million euro.

The Programme is being realized through 3 service contracts, 3 grant schemes, 1 supply contract, 2 framework contracts and 1 direct grant. Under the above mentioned Programme, in total 43 contracts are signed.